Raspberry Pi 4: Everything you need to know(My Review)

What is the Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi series, like the Raspberry Pi 4 will be is among the most sorts after pieces of tech in history. The micro-raspberry pi 4computer has been utilized in almost everything from DIY home automation projects to actual space missions aboard the ISS, and has a great number of passionate communities of fans, makers and hobbyists surrounding it.

While previous model like the Raspberry Pi Zero We have received an excellent response from users, the community is anxiously awaiting the release of the next addition to the Raspberry Pi family.

The rumors about Raspberry Pi 4

The rumors out there are actually uncertain as there’s no official news release from Pi developers. So, it’s actually hard to predict what the company is up to; and the next line of action concerning their next product. Obviously, there is different information available online, but we can’t rely on it without any official statement from the raspberry Pi Company. However, all we can do is to patiently wait for their next line of action.

Google is planning to invest their money and time in Raspberry Pi 4

Google’s AI will be incorporated into Pi 4. Some features like natural language processing, face recognition and speech-to-text translation will be included. This is actually a notable improvement in the Raspberry Pi family, and we might see a significant change in the upcoming models of the Raspberry Pi.


Raspberry Pi 4 release date and availability

Fans will be disappointed to hear that this latest model won’t be available until at least 2019. Eben Upton, co-creator and co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, has earlier stated that the recent Raspberry Pi 3 would be in the market for three years.

There is all possibility that Raspberry Pi 4 could be delayed beyond the stated time, as the Pi Foundation has effectively reached the limit of what can be achieved using the 40nm manufacturing process. Upton hasn’t given up, with his recent statement “we’ll get there eventually”; it shows they are actually up to something.


Raspberry Pi 4 Estimated Price

Everyone wants affordable things, which also work perfectly and guess what! Raspberry Pi is just a perfect description of affordability and efficiency. Raspberry Pi is well known for their low price and high-performance microcomputers. Back in 2012, its price was £29, but now its £33.

It would be amazing if the Pi price goes beyond £33. To maintain its unique selling point, £35 would seem to be the best price for the Pi 4. If the price is more than £35, then it will be hard for them to maintain their market monopoly.


Raspberry Pi 4 specs and features

With the problem facing the creation, no word has been said on the technical specifications which are likely to feature in the Raspberry Pi 4. Given that the foundation is trying to be creative with the current 40nm, it is possible we see a switch to an alternate manufacturing process, which offers more efficient silicon.

The Raspberry Pi 3 already comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, so we may not see any significant networking upgrades. You can also expect the form factor to remain the same, given the team’s focus on interoperability between Pi models.

Ports are the likely area where we may see some major change. For instance, USB 3.0 can work for data, power and video transfer – this means that one USB 3.0 port could do the job of every other input on the Pi 3.

Looking at the track record of Pi Foundation, Raspberry Pi 4 will be a revolutionary product in the microcomputer industry and also in the tech world.

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